The Gilmore's

Meet the Gilmore’s. About 7 months ago they welcomed their newest member, Finn, to the family. This is Finn’s story…

Finnegan has Spina Bifida which is a neural tube defect- a hole in the spinal column. David & Carissa found out after the 20 week ultrasound, then underwent an in-utero spinal repair (only the twelfth surgery in Canada). He was born six weeks later with a perfectly healed scar near his tailbone, exactly two months early at McMaster Children's Hospital. Their family spent 6.5 months living half at home in Wainfleet with big sister Deanna and half at Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton to be close to Finn. Finn has a tracheostomy due to paralyzed vocal chords and is ventilated due to rare symptoms of his Spina Bifida diagnosis.

When asking Carissa to tell us more about Finn’s story, she said “He is our one in a million. He is strong and sweet and curious and content. We have so much to be thankful for including a huge village of friends, family and strangers who have helped us in so many ways.. it's hard to even put into words. We are so happy to be able to enjoy our sweet Finnegan from the comfort of our home.”

We were so overjoyed to capture the welcoming home of Finn, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share their story.